Otmar Kastner is entrepreneur, consultant, artist & comedian.

He has a Master in Management and started  as a manager for environmental business in Austria and for the EU in Brussels.

Then he moved into personnel management and was Head of Human Ressources for many years. Parallel he started acting and began his career as a comedian, winning 9 European prizes in the art of laughter. In 2000 he combined comedy and management and created “business comedy”.

As an entrepreneur and an artist he knows how to combine management-knowhow and humor in a unique manner.


Born 1967 in Austria

Languages: English, German, Spanish


Otmar graduated at the Vienna University for Economics & Business Administration in 1993. He specialized in Personnel Management, Marketing & Environmental Management.

He continued his education in the USA, studying Personnel Development at the Universities of California, Berkeley, at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and at the University of Seville in Spain.


From 1994 to 2000 Otmar first worked in the field of Environmental Management. He was the Austrian representative at the European Union being responsible of communicating with the different countries regarding the Austrian Ministry for Environment.

He then changed into Personnel Management, soon leading Personnel Development at a major Enterprise in Vienna.

Parallel he started his career as a comedian winning 9 European prizes for different shows.


Always of an entrepreneurial spirit, Otmar then began his full-time speaking career in 2000, performing business comedy and keynote speeches. He worked as a scientist at the University of Economics & Business Administration giving seminars regarding „Humor in Personnel Management“.

His expertise – laughter & business. Otmar has the unique ability to combine humor with management topics.

While your audience ist LAUGHING about problems and doubts, it realizes the essential driving factors for success.